Oral health issues in cats can cause them pain and discomfort, as well as causing permanent health consequences.

Even if your cat doesn’t make it obvious that their mouth hurts, it doesn’t mean they are not experiencing pain. As dental problems progress over time, cats often learn and adapt to live with the pain. Because they can’t tell you they are hurting (and show no obvious signs of discomfort), it is difficult for owners to catch dental problems by observation.

Regular dental check-ups will give you comfort in knowing that your pet is healthy and not living in pain they can’t express.

What happens at a cat dental appointment?

Dental services may include:

  • cleaning of teeth and gums
  • x-rays or digital dental radiographs
  • dental extractions
  • periodontal therapy

Dental check-ups are one aspect of our Annual Wellness Program, where we conduct essential, proactive testing, prevention, and care for your pet.

Keeping your cat comfortable and calm during dental is a top priority. We do this with:

  • continual monitoring when anesthesia
  • intravenous (IV) fluids
  • Blankets and other techniques for comfort and to regulate proper body temperature

Common Cat Dental Health Problems

Cats commonly develop periodontal disease , which is the progression from gingivitis . Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums from the accumulation of plaque that can cause:

  • pain
  • sensitivity in the mouth
  • spread of bacteria to the heart, kidneys, and liver

Infections can go throughout the cat’s whole body and can cause life-long damage.

If a cat’s teeth are not checked and cleaned often enough, a very painful erosion of the teeth called tooth resorption can occur. Once the teeth have gotten to this stage (when your cat will finally show obvious signs of pain like bleeding and difficulty eating), more extreme measures (extraction) are needed. We want to help you and your cat avoid this whenever possible, which is why we recommend regular check ups and cleanings.

How To Encourage Good Oral Hygiene for Cats:

  • maintain proper nutrition
  • establish cat teeth cleaning routine
  • schedule regular dental check-ups

Has your cat had their dental check-up this year? Book an appointment today.

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