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Exotic Pet Care in Davenport, IA

Animal Family Veterinary Care Center is able to treat a remarkably wide variety of exotic pets here in Davenport. We are one of the only AAHA accredited hospitals for exotic animals in the Quad Cities, so if you have any questions or concerns about your exotic animal companion, get in touch with us!

Services We Provide for Exotics

Nail & Wing Trims

Nail, beak, and wing trims may seem like small things, but they are still important to your pet’s care and health. It is also the case that some pet owners are unable to manage their pets’ nail trims at home, and that is where our team can step in and help. We can trim your pet’s nails, beak, or wings during their routine wellness visit, or we can just have you come in for a technician appointment.

Can I Trim My Bird’s Wings Myself?

Wing trimming is a delicate procedure, and a small mistake could be damaging to your bird. That’s why we strongly recommend seeing one of our veterinarians for your bird’s wing trims. Wings that are trimmed properly should still allow your bird the ability to fly short distances and grow out their wings later.

If you have an exotic pet and need an experienced vet to help you meet all their needs, contact us at (563) 391-9522!

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