Cat & Dog Wellness Care in Davenport, IA

Our cherished pets need regular health checkups just like we do. At Animal Family Veterinary Care Center, we want to make sure your best friend is living their happiest, healthiest life. Our team has spent years creating cat and dog wellness care guidelines for pets of all ages, including puppies and kittens and seniors.

Dog Cat Wellness Care
Dr Mindy Holding Cat

Our Yearly Wellness Recommendations for Adult Dogs & Cats

Each year, your pet should receive the following:

Diagnostic tests to screen your pet for disease and verify their health.
• A comprehensive oral health assessment, with possible treatment recommended.
• Protection in the form of recommended vaccinations and parasite preventatives to keep your pet safe for the upcoming year.

We Can Customize Your Pet Wellness Plan

While our team can provide a lot for your pet during one annual appointment, we can also spread out their treatments if that would be more comfortable for them. Is it more important to you to have less visits, or to have the payment spread out over the year? We can accommodate your needs, and your pet’s, if you have a preferred option.

A single visit each year might be best for your pet if they’re anxious. But if your pet is easygoing and enjoys visiting our facility, it might be better to spread out their wellness treatments. Whatever works best for you and your pet also works best for us!
You can also learn about payment plans if you’d like to explore your budgeting options.