Pet Diagnostics in Davenport, IA

As part of our commitment to help accurately and efficiently diagnose your pet, during their annual wellness appointment, our team will perform a series of diagnostic tests on your pet to ensure their health and provide you with peace of mind. For adult dogs and cats, these tests include:

• Blood work including chemistry panel, CBC, +/- thyroid
• Heartworm testing and tick-borne disease testing for dogs
• Fecal sample

These tests will help our veterinarians gain a better understanding of your pet’s health and determine if additional testing is necessary for a diagnosis.

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Our In-House Diagnostic Technology

Diagnostics can fill in the knowledge gap left by a physical exam and aid our veterinarians in putting the puzzle pieces together to create a more complete picture of your pet’s health or condition. Having this capability in-house provides our team with timely results so we can begin to create a treatment plan according to your pet’s individual needs. Our in-house cat and dog diagnostics include:

• Digital radiography – creates digital X-ray images of your pet’s bones which can be sent to a board-certified radiologist for observations.
• Digital dental radiography – produces images of your pet’s mouth to analyze for problems involving the teeth or gums. Your pet is placed under anesthesia for this procedure.
• Blood testing – provides important information on various components in your pet’s blood and help to identify potential health problems. Cytology is also performed to assess your pet’s blood on a microscopic level.
• Blood pressure – is an essential vital sign which helps us to detect internal issues.
Our team also closely monitors it to ensure your pet’s health and safety during dental or surgical procedures.
• Ultrasound – is a safe, painless and non-invasive procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to generate images of your pet’s internal organs in their abdomen and chest. It can also be used to lead biopsies and obtain samples.
• Electrocardiogram (ECG) – enables our team to see the function of your pet’s heart. This can be sent to a board-certified cardiologist for analysis and recommendations.
• Fecal/cytology smears – help detect parasites and illnesses to allow for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

In House Diagnostics