It’s 9:27pm and your pet starts throwing up out of nowhere. You go to our website and
request an appointment for the next morning, but can’t help that nagging feeling in your gut–is something more serious going on? Your mind starts racing with questions and concerns for your furry family member:

  • What is considered a pet emergency?
  • How do I know if my dog is having an emergency?
  • Are my cat’s specific symptoms enough to pack her up and drive to the after-hours veterinarian?

Google, DVM

While searching the internet for your pet’s symptoms could help, sometimes Google makes everything seem like the worst case scenario. How can you truly know if your pet’s specific circumstance justifies an emergency or if it is ok to wait and see?

Enter AirVet

This is exactly why Animal Family Veterinary Care Center has partnered with AirVet . They have a digital solution that allows you to speak to an on-call veterinarian to virtually answer your pet questions when we are closed, or unable to schedule an appointment right away. They provide a quick and affordable way to get peace of mind after hours and find out if an emergency trip is needed or not.

After hearing about your dog’s vomiting, for example, it could be deemed urgent enough to justify a trip to the emergency clinic. Or, they might recommend an over the counter remedy you can try and let you know what to watch for over the next 48 hours. If you need to come in to see us at that time, the records from your AirVet appointment can be transferred right to us so we know what went on during that appointment and are completely up to speed for the follow up.

Because we are pet owners too, we understand how uncertainty when your main veterinarian is closed can cause stress and anxiety. AirVet can help fill the gap and reduce that fear for you, while ensuring we have everything we need when you come back into our office.

What about non-emergencies?

We know it isn’t always convenient to pack up your pet and bring them to the office (or perhaps there isn’t an appointment available right away–we are currently booking out quite far in advance, so this can happen). AirVet is also a great solution for those small items you need to ask a question about but don’t require your animal to be seen in person.

What about exotics?

While not everything or every species can be seen via AirVet, they do have veterinarians that can help with exotics in many cases. So, check it out to see if there is a fit for your pet.

Reading this after hours and need to see someone right away? Schedule with AirVet.

Got a less urgent matter and want to schedule an in-office appointment? Schedule with Animal Family.

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