The look and feel of a healthy cat’s fur coat is a thing of beauty. It should be soft, shiny, and smooth. After all, they work hard to get the best results, spending up to half of their waking life self-grooming. But if your cat has greasy fur, it could signal underlying problems that should be addressed right away.

Importance of Cat Grooming

Cats self-groom to keep themselves clean but the practice also maintains a healthy body temperature and supports good circulation. With their rough tongues and top-notch flexibility, cats keep their entire coats extremely tidy by evenly distributing the skin’s natural oils. Not only does grooming keep the coat free of mats, parasites, and allergens, but provides an outlet when they are stressed out or anxious.

My Cat Has Greasy Fur

When a cat has greasy fur, getting to the bottom of why is critical. The following are common reasons for abnormal grooming habits:

  • Overgrooming caused by stress or anxiety can lead to secondary issues like hair loss, skin irritation, and infection.
  • Arthritis can also make self-grooming painful as it limits motion and flexibility.
  • When a cat is overweight or obese, they have a harder time reaching otherwise accessible areas on their body, like their back.
  • Cats with periodontal disease may also find that grooming is painful, and those with kidney disease or diabetes simply don’t have the physical energy to groom themselves.
  • Some cats simply produce more oil on their skin, a condition called seborrhea. Our groomers can help you manage the extra build up.

We Are Here For You

Anything that decreases your cat’s quality of life should be addressed by a qualified veterinarian. Animal Family Veterinary Care is happy to evaluate your cat’s physical condition, and can help you get to the bottom of why your cat has greasy fur.

An exam and certain diagnostics can shed light on why your cat has a greasy fur coat. Once we get to the root of the issue, we can address it with various possible treatments. Often, diet modifications and prescription medications can go a long way toward supporting the overall health of the coat. Your intervention as a grooming helper can go a long way toward distributing the naturally occurring oils from the skin.

Keep It Glossy

Our compassionate, experienced staff members are always here to help you with questions. If you need additional assistance regarding why your cat has a greasy fur coat, we encourage you to schedule a wellness exam .

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