While furry family members are one of the best snuggle companions, they can also bring fleas and ticks into your bed. In fact, everything from the day that has been picked up by their paws or fur could get tracked into your bed. And, yes, this even means poop. (eew)

Want to learn more about fleas and ticks and how to prevent your pet getting them? Check out our previous blog post on the topic .

Could Fleas Be In My Bed?

If your pet has fleas and sleeps in bed with you, fleas will likely end up in your bed. Fleas lay eggs into fur, and those eggs can fall off of your pet when they are sleeping.

How can you tell? Tiny black specks can be a sign of fleas in your bed. This is called “flea dirt” a nicer term than what it really is: flea poop.

Another sign is having flea bites on your body. They tend to show up in concentrated areas, as small clusters of itchy bites. The bite areas can become sore and can be painful. If both you and your pet wake up itching? Probably fleas.

Is it bed bugs or fleas? While both can bite you while you are sleeping, the bite clusters are one way to tell if you have fleas or bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to bite in rows rather than clusters like fleas.

Could Ticks Be In My Bed?

Ticks can be found in bed covers, sheets, and any other bedding. They can easily hide in the cracks of the bed and lay eggs.

They cannot fly or jump, so they hitch rides from pets or people to move around big spaces.

They can be more easily spotted after they have had a bite, as they will be inflated with blood.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Fleas or Ticks In My Bed?

If there is evidence of having fleas or ticks in your bed, you should:

  • Wash and vacuum the pet’s sleeping area, carrier, bedding, rugs, and other soft surfaces
  • Vacuum your entire home, car, and anywhere else the pet may have had access
  • Insecticides may be used to treat your home and yard ( ask us about what is safe for use around children)
  • In extreme cases, a follow up treatment may be required after 7-10 days

Got more questions? Consult your vet to treat the pet for fleas/ticks

Treating Your Animals for Fleas and Ticks

Our Annual Wellness Program includes a recommended flea and tick prevention all year round.

Just because you haven’t gotten fleas in your house yet doesn’t mean they couldn’t be in your bed tomorrow. With prevention as easy as it is – why risk it? Has your pet had their flea and tick prevention this year? Schedule an appointment today to keep your entire family itch-free.

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