It is camping season! We know you’re itching to get out of the house this summer…but let’s make sure your pet (and other family members) don’t end up itching after going on that trip.

How can I prepare for my camping trip?

1) Check the pet policy. Most places post their pet policy online, but it is best to call the campsite individually to ensure it is up to date and get more information. Each campsite, park, beach, and hiking trail can have different rules and regulations. However, most campgrounds require your pet to be up to date on all their vaccinations , which is why we recommend the next item.

2) Schedule a veterinary appointment before you go. In addition to making sure your furry family members are healthy enough for the trip, it is also important to get them vaccinations (see step 1), make sure they are up to date with their flea and tick prevention , refill any medications or special food items, and get any updated medical records you may need to have on hand for the campsite.

3) Create a packing list. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your campsite and realizing you don’t have your pet’s medication, leash, or required documentation to be on site. Make a list well before travel day to ensure you have a relaxing trip with the family. Here are a few key things you don’t want to forget:

  • current picture of your pet
  • vet records
  • medical information
  • extra towels
  • first-aid kit with items for your whole family – including your pet
  • ( Ask us about pet specific items you will need to bring to ensure no necessities will be forgotten)

How to keep your pet safe during the trip.

Once you start your trip, never leave your pets alone . This includes the car, campsite, and during all activities. Your pet could be perfectly behaved, but other animals and people could act unexpectedly. You also probably have a lot of equipment and supplies in your car, which your pet could get into if you are not there. Additionally, there is always the potential for overheating in a vehicle, which happens much faster than you imagine.

Dehydration is something you need to look out for in all your animal family members. Signs of it vary with different kinds of pets, but a few signs to look out for are weakness, disorientation, agitation, throwing up, and fatigue.

Only bring out food during meals and completely clean up food scraps and dishes. This goes for pets and humans. Food can attract wild animals, anything from raccoons to bears. In general, you do not want to leave a trace.

What should I do before I leave my camping site?

Always take extra care checking the surroundings for anything out of place before leaving. This is in respect to the campsite, the campers staying next, any animals that live in the area, and to preserve nature. Cleaning up after your entire party should be a priority always when outside.

Quality camping time with your pet can be easily accessible when you prepare in advance. And, if it isn’t a fit to take your pup with you this trip, give our boarding facility a call to check on reservations.

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