We try to keep our pets as safe as possible. We keep them leashed away from home. We feed them the best food we can provide. We keep their shots and worming current, we train them, and we love them. When we’re home they play safely in our fenced backyards.

How about that yard? Is it safe? When was the last time you took a good look around your back yard with the safety of your pet in mind? We recommend that you do it every spring and fall. What should you look for? Listed below are some of the hazards that could harm your pet.

The Mulch Pile:

The backyard mulch pile can be a very attractive and very dangerous place for your pet. Going green is great as long as you do it safely. We recommend that your mulch pile be securely fenced and pet proof.

We all know how attractive and dangerous a pool is to small children but it can be just as deadly to your pets.

Poisonous Plants

Be cognizant of what you plant. ASPCA poison Control has a complete list of plants that are toxic to animals. Please visit www.aspca.org/petcare/poisoncontrol/plants for the complete list. Plants can cause everything from local irritation and drooling to seizures and death.

Other Animals


Your first thought may be other aggressive animals. However, skunks, raccoons and possums can carry infectious diseases that can make you and your pet sick. This is why we preach vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate ! It’s also a good idea not to feed your pets outdoors which is a sure way attract local wildlife.


Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides


Dare we say it? Children are immature, impulsive and often lacking in judgment.

This isn’t a complete list of the potential dangers in the backyard jungle but hopefully we’ve got you thinking about pet proofing your property. Feel free to call us or contact through our web site or face book with any questions.

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