Getting to Know Emilie Pennington, PCA

Emilie is one of our beloved Patient Care Advisors here at Animal Family. Her day starts early and is never dull! She sees all kinds of animals – from hamsters to large dogs.

Emilie’s Animal Family At Home

Animals have always been a significant part of her life. She grew up with hunting dogs and other animals. As a kid, she wanted to be an exotic vet to have opportunities to see a variety of animals.

Emilie has many pets, including 2 dogs, a blue heeler named Levi and a husky/german shepherd named Elska, a domestic shorthair cat named Funk, and 2 red-eared slider turtles, Tank and Mikey.

Did You Know?

Emilie showed horses from the age of 10 to 23 and was a queen representative for the Tennessee Ranch Horse Association!

During her time showing horses, she was:

  • a world champion in an event
  • a 3-time reserve world champion in different events
  • on tv for a few years with a trainer she used to work for in Indiana

Emilie in the Quad Cities

Emilie has lived in the Quad Cities for 7 years. She moved from Indiana when she was 18. Her favorite part about this area is the friends and family she’s made since being here. She loves to hike, camp, fish, and go on road trips.

If Emilie could have 3 wishes she would like:

  1. To have enough land to have cattle and a self-sustaining homestead.
  2. To win the lottery and pay off her family’s bills.
  3. To be able to travel the world and see all the different animals.

Thank you for getting to know Emilie Pennington, and be sure to learn more about the whole Animal Family team in future posts.

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