Brittany is one of our beloved veterinarians here at Animal Family. We have been lucky to have her here since March of 2020.

A Day In The Life At Animal Family

As soon as Brittany walks into work, she hits the floor running. Typically, her day is started by:

  • finishing any outstanding medical records
  • calling owners about diagnostic results
  • returning calls

She then bounces back and forth – seeing all sorts of appointments until her shift ends. Brittany also performs surgeries and does dental procedures one day each week.

Brittany’s Animals At Home

Her whole life revolves around animals. She currently has four dogs (Scout, Diesel, Paisley, Stormy), six cats (Kaida, Sonik, Nala, Rusty, Betty, and Wilma), two rabbits (Harley & Quinn), a ferret (Duke Wesselton), and some fish. Brittany just moved to a property with acreage, and is excited that the future is teeming with possibilities!

Local Favorites

Brittany was born and raised in the Quad Cities area. She generally prefers the outskirt areas and loves to:

  • explore
  • hike
  • fish
  • play sports

She loves that there is a lot to do around the QC and that it is only three to four hours from several big cities like Des Moines, Chicago, and St. Louis.

If Brittany Could Have Three Wishes

  1. To never forget things – with a complex job and everything she has to remember for her kids and furry family, it would make everything so much easier!
  2. To travel wherever and whenever she wanted – she would like to visit so many different places, but there’s just not enough time or money to do it all.
  3. That people were more kind to each other.

Fun Facts About Brittany

  • She has played soccer since first grade and still plays in an adult league when she has time.
  • Her family travels to North Carolina at least once a year – they love it there.

Thank you for getting to know Dr. Brittany Meyers, DVM, and be sure to learn more about the whole Animal Family team in future posts.

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