Where It All Started

Abbi pursued vet medicine because of her black lab named Remi. Abbi saw that Remi’s interactions with everyone they met were always filled with joy and love, and they proved themselves to be attentive and caring time and time again. Abbi was inspired by her bond with her pet to work with animals, so she could care for and help others with their furry loved ones.

Now Abbi is a dog mom of three: Remi, the black lab, Lucy, a yorkie, and a lab mix rescue named Thorin. Animals are her whole life — so much so that she spends her time taking care of other people’s pets when she is not at home taking care of her own.

Abbi’s Three Wishes

If Abbi could have three wishes, they would be:

  1. To be able to fly anywhere in the world whenever she wanted. She has immense love for traveling and greatly wishes she could more often.
  2. To have no animal sick, hurt, or in pain.
  3. To have the ability to time travel! She is fascinated by history and wishes she could see historical events first hand.

Abbi’s Favorite Things In Davenport

Before moving to Davenport, Iowa 12 years ago, Abbi lived in a small town. She loves that the area she is in now has tons of options of fun things to do. She enjoys going to local hiking spots with her dogs, visiting shops and restaurants downtown, and going thrift shopping.

Other Interests and Hobbies

  • Collecting crystals
  • Crochet
  • Other crafts

On top of being a mom to her three dogs, she is also a plant mom! Plants are slowly taking over her house. She must have a green thumb.

Thank you for getting to know Abbi Hannig, and be sure to learn more about the whole Animal Family team in future posts!

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