Mindy is our newest veterinarian at Animal Family. She received her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. After completing her degree she returned to Minnesota where she spent three and a half years in a small animal practice. Her job at Animal Family includes all things veterinary including examining animals, recommending diagnostics, creating treatment plans and educating owners on different medical concerns and preventative medicine.

Dr. Mindy has had pets ever since she was little. They were considered part of the family, which was a family of eight. Her kitties she has now are no different – providing laughs, some occasional frustration, and a whole lot of love! Her four cats (Lux, Simba, Ollie, and Eevie) live with her and her boyfriend, Joe.

If you meet Dr. Mindy you may notice she occasionally uses Scottish terms for things! That’s because she spent 5 years in Scotland and sometimes pronounce things differently. Schedule your next appointment soon to stop in and say hello!

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