Socialization dogs builds confidence. It helps them deal with new situations and gain the knowledge that they can handle “stressful” environments. It also gives them tools to be less excitable in future interactions. These essential skills learned and reinforced are key in supporting your animals to feel their best. Your dog deserves to be confident in themselves and their actions.

What can happen if you don’t regularly socialize your dog?

Humans are social beings that need human contact, going without it can greatly affect mental health. The same goes for our furry loved ones: they need proper socialization just like us. Without it, they can develop (or worsen) emotional distress.

Dogs with large amounts of stress tend to have frequent fight or flight responses. This causes a sudden release of hormones, which can be unhealthy when exposed to regularly. It can cause:

  • digestive trouble
  • cardiac disease
  • suppressed immune response
  • eating disorders
  • and other harmful symptoms

Not properly socializing your dog can also encourage destructive behavior. This could show up by random urination/defecation, or attempts to escape their crate or breaking through/destroying windows or other items in your home.

A tired pup is a calmer pup, and this can be easily achieved when socializing.

How can you socialize your dog?

The health and safety of animals is our number one concern, and that is a big reason why we created Camp Canine . It helps us to live our mission of enriching lives through healthy pets by providing a safe, controlled place to socialize your animals.

Meeting and playing with new dogs stimulates the investigative and problem-solving parts of their brain in a safe and neutral territory. It also releases pent-up energy through running around with other dogs. Getting enough physical activity is easy when dogs are regularly socialized.

Proper socialization with puppies is key in their development. Bringing your puppy to Camp Canine is a great opportunity for social growth. They get tons of social time and learn how to play with other dogs in a pack setting. Plus, we help with potty training and other essential skills that will be used for their lifetime and are important to instill at a young age.

Take the virtual tour and call (563) 391-9522 to sign up your pup for Camp Canine.

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