Meet Alisa Collins!

Ali sa has been one of our Patient Care Advisors at Animal Family since May of 2021.

Alisa was always interested in working in Vet Med and has gained a lot of experience in the last year. As a Patient Care Advisor, Alisa assists veterinarians in appointments and assists technicians with ultrasounds and X-rays, and anything else they need. She also works in the lab/pharmacy and helps on phones. 

  • How do animals impact your life?
  • Animals have always been a source of anxiety relief for me. Having animals at home is so relaxing and being able to work with animals is amazing. I’ve had lots of different types of animals and don’t remember a time I didn’t have at least one.

  • Your family:
  • My fiancé Landon, my 12 year old daughter Hannah, my 18 year old son Mathew, a lab/rottie mix Jazmine, chihuahua Gus, cat Lucy, and a rat named Mr Business.

  • What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
  • I like to crochet! I used to show horses in hunter/jumper competitions. I also graduated cosmetology school and used to do hair, skin, and nails in Colorado.

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